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Going Where the Good Schools Are! – Episode #26

The Golfview Area in the Upper Beaches has always held its value in house prices. The average price of a home in this area is $578,000…..and just west of Woodbine Ave the average price of a home is $547,000. That’s a difference of $31,000!

I believe one of the reasons for this gap is due to Norway Public School. It has been ranked 10 out of 10 by the Fraser Institute.

Parents will always pay more to have their kids go to excellent schools. Whether you are buying or investing in a home, being surrounded by good schools will always hold a premium in value in any city, province, or country.

Where Dundas Meets Coxwell… – Episode #25

There is a pocket in the Upper Beaches that is starting to get noticed….especially by Developers!

The Robins Area is located in the north east quadrant of Dundas and Coxwell.

In my opinion, it is undervalued compared to its neighbours…

– North of Robins is the Bellhaven Area and the average price of a house is $547,000
– North/East of Robins is the Golfview Area and the average price of a house is $578,000
– South East of Robins is the Woodbine Beaches and the average price of a house is $781,000
– And….the average price of a house in the Robins Area is $494,000!!

There is great potential in this area…and now with two large development projects underway, it is only getting better!

Simple Tricks to Increasing Your Rents! – Episode #24

Cindy Wennerstrom is a Designer Consultant and Real Estate Investor who has been successful in turning average cash flowing properties into GEMS!

Listen to Cindy provide tips on…

– How to rent your unit quicker!
– How to get more cash flow!
– How to increase the value of your property!

Sticking to your Guns! – Episode #23

Everyone thinks flipping houses is easy….well it’s not. Even experienced contractors like Jeff Reed find themselves in difficult scenarios! Listen to Jeff’s real life renovation story and learn how important it is to stick to your guns in order to make a profit.