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East York Rocks! – Episode #17

For all those hardcore “South of Danforth” investors…you gotta hear this story! This story confirms that East York is just as awesome as the Upper Beach and Leslieville. The rental income achieved here is mind blowing! To get $3350 of monthly rent for a 3 bedroom house located in the far North East quadrant of East York is unheard of. You might be wondering WHY a family would want to pay such high rent for a 3 bedroom house in East York? Listen carefully and you will learn how an executive style renovation, combined with the right tenant profile and location can attract these rents!

Orillia Beaches vs Toronto Beaches – Episode #16

How does the Orillia Beaches compare to the Toronto Beaches?
Orillia is ranked 3rd best in Ontario for best places to invest in by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN).
Toronto is ranked 8th best in Ontario for best places to invest in by REIN.

Statistics from CREA:

Average residential house prices in Orillia
2006: $226045
2007: $241517
2008: $242891
2009: $236776
2010: $252758

Average residential house prices in:
2006: $375000
2007: $409000
2008: $443000
2009: $458000
2010: $485000
The Beach/Danforth
2006: $458000
2007: $494000
2008: $519000
2009: $539000
2010: $611000
East York
2006: $317000
2007: $356000
2008: $368000
2009: $375000
2010: $409000
2006: $351000
2007: $376000
2008: $379000
2009: $395000
2010: $431000

Appreciation wise…the Toronto Beaches has grown significantly more than Orillia over the last 4 years (percentage wise). They both provide good cash flowing opportunities. They are both Economically Strong and both have beautiful beaches and tourism attractions near the lake. You need deeper pockets for the Toronto Beaches.

Which city would you prefer to invest in?

Upcoming Events – Episode #15

There are 3 different events Andrei hosts:
1. Cash Flow Game Nights
2. Mastermind Groups in The Beach
3. Workshops
If you are interested in attending any event you need to register by visiting the “Contact Me” page on Andrei’s blog:
The next upcoming event is on Thursday May 26th. It’s a workshop called: Mortgage Financing for Investors – The Inside Scoop. Only 30 people can attend and it will be a very informative and educational workshop. Together on May 26th you will learn:
-The Impact of Cash Flow – How does the BANK look at the figures that make up your application? How each new property you buy should be HELPING you qualify for the next one.
-Rate Discussion – Variable versus Fixed – which one is better?
-Down payments and renovation funds – smart ideas that can help you out. The choices you make today will impact what you can do tomorrow.
-Legal Suites versus Non-legal suites – how does the BANK look at these when you are applying for a mortgage?

Looking forward to it!

Joint Venture Partnerships – Episode #14

Why do people go into Joint Venture Partnerships? Andrei explains his reasons of entering Joint Venture Partnerships when he first started 6 years ago and what has changed his mind today.
Why can Joint Venture Partnerships go sour? Lack of communication? Promises never delivered? Expectations not met? So how can you protect yourself?
After experiencing a couple bad partnerships Andrei promised never to get involved with partnerships again…BUT there are some excellent reasons why one would want to partner with others. Just make sure you learn how to plan the “divorce” before you get “married”.