Archives for March 2011

Flipping Houses in The Beach – Episode #5

Learn about flipping houses in The Beach. Andrei Angelkovski introduces a House Flipper (Ian Szabo) who specializes in Renovations and Flipping Houses for a living. Hear what they both have to say.

The Fire Guy – Episode #4

Who is “The Fire Guy”? Why do we need him? If you are thinking of investing in Real Estate then you need to listen to this!

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The Impact of Starbucks – Episode #3

Is the area surrounding Gerrard and Jones the next “hot spot”? How does Starbucks and other major chain stores impact real estate values in the area they enter?

The Beach Defined – Episode #2

Why would someone decide to live in The Toronto Beaches today 5 years 10 years or 20 years from now?