#1 Lesson This Recession Taught You? – Episode #74

What was the #1 lesson this recession taught you?  Whether it was in your professional life, personal life, or business, this recession had an impact on everyone in one way or another.  During our Beach Mastermind Group we posed the question on everyone who attended and we heard a different response from everyone.  It was really interesting to hear how everyone was impacted in a different way and lessons were definitely learned.

Some of the comments heard from our group were:

Focus on cash flow and prepare for the next recession.

Do not speculate…invest!

Having an Exit Strategy is extremely important.

Best time to get a mortgage.

Just because it’s raining in one area, it does not mean it is raining in another area.

There are many investment strategies that have different impacts during recessions…not every strategy is negatively effected.

Expect the unexpected.

Some businesses boomed during the recession because they took quick action and did not sit and wait.

Live as if there is a recession all the time.