The Impact of Starbucks – Episode #3

Is the area surrounding Gerrard and Jones the next “hot spot”? How does Starbucks and other major chain stores impact real estate values in the area they enter?


  1. I bought at Carlaw & Gerrard 8 months ago!! I see the value in this over-looked little stretch between Carlaw & Jones as I drive it and use it and all the stores/restaurants virtually daily! I was super excited to see the Gerrard Square revitalize over the last 6 years, and within the last year, the Royal Bank built a bigger and better bank just 2 doors down from it’s old location, CIBC & Tim Hortons came to the mall, and most recently Grinder Coffee has surfaced as well as the Great Burger Kitchen demonstrating that more upscale options are coming our way! And now STARBUCKS!! That just solidified what I already knew about this little stretch. Keep your eyes open for even more exciting stuff happening here. An insider tells me that a very cool new restaurant will be opening at the back the mall! Stay tuned folks, this area is full of potential!

    • Yup! I remember you buying that house…and you bought it for a very good price! You will do very well there Cindy! Congratulations and keep up the great work you’ve been doing!

  2. LeslievilleLiger says:

    Good news, but you’re preaching to the converted with me!

  3. Great Job Andrei and thank you. Your posting are helping for those outside TO.
    If I may request, can you post the type of properties like duplex in the area and the Rent vs. Purchase price.

    In regards to Starbucks, interesting that Brampton downtown is getting Starbucks but the city councillors do not seem excited!

  4. Andrei Angelkovski says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback! I will definitely have an episode in the near future discussing different types of properties and their purchase price versus rent. Keep the requests coming!

  5. Wayneascott says:

    Yeah baby! My place is just around the corner! I’m rich!

  6. Andrei Angelkovski says:

    Gotta love the ripple effect this will create in the future! 


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