East York Modern Duplex Conversion After Renovations – Episode #200

Here is the final reveal for this modern duplex in the HOT East York!!

The owner, Brendan Riley, has just undergone a 200k renovation and has created a modern legal duplex that generated record-setting rents for an East York bungalow!!! $700 of monthly cash flow! That is fantastic!

See what Brendan has done and how he was able to achieve these results.

To see the before renovation video please click here: East York Bungalow Conversion Before Renovations – Episode #199

If you would like to discuss how you can acquire a similar property feel free to contact me through my website: www.BeachInvesting.com

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Why Playing Golf Is Similar To Real Estate Investing – Episode #158

Playing golf is a mental sport. 90% of the game is about focus, strategy, and confidence.

Real Estate Investing is no different.

You can practice on the golfing range for many hours and days, but until you get out onto the golf course and play the game you will never truly understand what golf is all about. Same applies to Real Estate Investing…you can read dozens of books, you can attend dozens of seminars, you can sit there and analyze hundreds of properties, but until you actually pull the trigger and purchase a property will you begin to understand what true ownership is all about. You will then begin to experience landlording and better yet wealth building.

I definitely encourage preparation, education and practice, but I also cheer on taking action.