Oshawa Bungalow Converted Into Legal Duplex After Renovations – Episode #203

We are back in Oshawa with Chris Arnts and he has converted this bungalow into a legal duplex.

The original purchase price was $325,000 and the actual renovation budget spent was $155,000.  The actual rents achieved are: main floor $1690 and basement $1250 plus hydro.

Approximate monthly cash flow after all expenses with 20% down payment will be $700 (after refinancing).

Oshawa is a pretty hot market.  A good city to compare to Toronto for investment purposes.

Which market are you investing in?

Here is the before video: Oshawa Bungalow Before Renovations – Episode #202


Oshawa Bungalow Before Renovations – Episode #202

Today we decided to take a different stance and venture out to Oshawa to see if owner Chris Arnts can take his experience from the Toronto Beaches and utilize it in another city.  Oshawa is relatively more affordable where you can probably fetch more monthly cash flow and it is also going through positive growth.

Chris purchased this property for $325,000 and the anticipated renovation budget is $100,000 to convert this property into a legal duplex.  The estimated rents once it is all finished is $1600 for the main floor and $1200 for the basement.  This is the before video so lets see how it turns out.

There are pros and cons to investing in any city, town or neighbourhood.  It is important to learn what they are and decide which area you want to invest in.  I believe every area has potential to make money…you just need to figure out what that method is and whether it works for you.

Here is the after video: Oshawa Bungalow Converted Into Legal Duplex After Renovations – Episode #203


Starbucks Coming Soon To Danforth and Monarch Park – Episode #197

There is a Starbucks coming soon to the transitioning neighbourhood on Danforth between Coxwell and Greenwood! This is BIG news for investors, residents, buyers and sellers.

As we are all aware, Starbucks does a lot of homework and research on where they will open up their stores. This section of the Danforth has been known in the past as “no man’s land” and over the last several years has been going through positive changes especially with businesses. Real estate values have been slower than other prime locations near by, but over the last few years new and existing property owners have really stepped up and have been renovating their homes and cleaning up. Pride of ownership is starting to show and the area in general is reflecting these changes. These are definitely some of the trends that Starbucks can see on this section of the Danforth.

We all know what happened at Queen Street East and Logan Ave when Starbucks opened 7 or 8 years ago. We all see what’s happening at Gerrard and Jones as well as Main Street and Kingston Rd. Starbucks is NOT the reason why this growth is happening, but I believe it definitely has an influence. Maybe it is a good company to follow seeing how successful they have been when opening new stores.

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Leslieville Luxury Duplex Generates $2000 of Monthly Cash Flow – Episode #196

Here is the final reveal for this luxury duplex in Leslieville’s hottest growing pocket near Carlaw & Dundas.

The owner, Brendan Riley, has just undergone a 200k renovation and has created a luxury legal duplex that will generate $2000 of monthly cash flow! That is huge!

See what Brendan has done and how he was able to achieve these results.

To see the before renovation video please click here: Renovating a Leslieville Duplex – Episode #195

If you would like to discuss how you can acquire a similar property feel free to contact me through my website: www.BeachInvesting.com

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