Luxury Duplex To Triplex Conversion – Episode #68

After a long 9 months of planning and renovating, this renovation project in Toronto’s Upper Beaches is finally complete! With approximately $230,000 worth of renovations and a legal conversion from Duplex to Triplex, this investment property is now a luxury income property. This property was originally purchase for $525,000 back in March 2011 and is valued today around $900,000. The monthly cash flow is approximately $700 per investor. A lot of thought was put into the design of this property and many challenges were faced. In the end, a lot of heart went into this project and the celebration was well worth it. Cheers to the all the hard work and the success it brought. Thank you guys!

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  1. Roberto Pierro says:

    Hi Andrei
    What a great video and even better rental property that you have. It is awesome what you have done.

    • Andrei Angelkovski says:

      Thanks Roberto!  This turned into a solid Triplex that will cash flow well.  This was a huge learning experience and made all of us better and more educated investors.

  2. Congratulations Andrei! Thank you for sharing this with us! Sounds like it was quite an ordeal but worth it in the end and for years to come of great cash flow!   

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