Upper Beach Duplex Renovation – Episode #61

Here we are in the Upper Beaches of Toronto.  The demand here has been high and the prices are continuing to ripple up from the South. This is a typical 2-storey semi-detached house in the Upper Beaches that sells for over $500,000 as is.  Positive Cash Flow is very achievable as you can see based on this video.  The owner has the plan of renovating this house into a “high-end” duplex that will net him between $700-$900 of positive cash flow every month.  He has budgeted approximately $100,000 for this renovation.  We are filming the “before shot” here and will be filming the “after shot” in a couple months when it’s complete.


Going Firm in The Beach – Episode #30

There is a lot of competition when it comes to putting an offer on a house in The Beaches.

How do you differentiate yourself from other potential buyers trying to bid on the same house as you?

Well….try going FIRM with all your offers!

This may sound too risky but there are things you can do before you put in an offer that will definitely protect and prepare your interests.

The Long Slow Flip Strategy- Episode #29

We are all familiar with the ‘Buy and Rent’ strategy and the ‘Buy and Flip’ strategy….but have you ever heard of the ‘Long Slow Flip’ strategy?

This strategy gives you the best of both worlds! The Long Slow Flip allows you to benefit from monthly cash flow and appreciation over the years versus just selling it for a quick profit.

Listen to Cindy Wennerstrom, Designer Consultant and Real Estate Investor talk about this strategy and how it has worked for her.

Mortgage Financing For Investors: The Inside Scoop – Episode #28

Adam Bazuk is a Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending. He is an expert in dealing with real estate investors and has extensive knowledge in helping you achieve your financing needs.

Listen to Adam answer the following 4 questions I thought would be on everyone’s mind:

1. Everyone is wondering in today’s economy…what are interest rates doing right now?  What is happening with the Fixed Rate and Variable Rate?  And how does the Greek Crisis, US economy, and the Canadian Dollar affect these rates?

2.  Another popular question in today’s market…What is better today: Variable or Fixed?  What is your suggestion?

3.  Suggestions on Building a Real Estate Investment Plan?

4.  One popular strategy is Buying, Renovating, Refinancing and getting back your renovation capital, and then Holding it as a long term rental – How feasible is this strategy from a financing stand point?  Do banks/lenders shy away from these strategies?

For further information on this topic feel free to contact Adam directly at:

Adam Bazuk,
Mortgage Broker
Dominion Lending